[m-dev.] Proposed installation profiles

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Fri Oct 23 16:55:25 AEDT 2015

Related question.

Assuming we go with installation profiles.  Which profile should be the
default.  I'm thinking of the scenario where a user doesn't read README or
INSTALL (they should have).  And they do ./configure && make && make
install.  What should they get? will they be surprised by the amount of time
that make install takes?

My thoughts are that the best solution for now is the "base" profile.  Maybe
once make builds the library grades rather than make install we can change
this to "developer".  I realize that moving the libgrades from make install
to make doesn't actually save any time.  However the issue is that people
don't expect make install to take so much time.  IMHO this is a reasonable

Paul Bone

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