[m-dev.] Proposed installation profiles

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Fri Oct 23 15:59:42 AEDT 2015

Hi Peter,

On Fri, 23 Oct 2015, Peter Wang wrote:

>> Profile: base
>> Grades:
>>      - hlc.gc
>>      - hlc.gc.par  (if pthreads is available)
>>      - LLDS_BASE.gc.stseg
>>      - LLDS_BASE.gc.par.stseg
>>      - java        (if Java is available)
>>      - csharp      (if .NET / Mono is available)
>>      - erlang      (if OTP is available)
> Can we move the non-C grades out of base?  I don't have any use for them
> and that's probably true for many people.

I thought about having a separate profile for them, but since they don't
take very long to build anyway it didn't seem worth adding another
profile just for them.

> The people who do want to play with the java and csharp backends
> probably know who they are?

IMO, the Java backend has developed to a point where it should be
included by default.

> The erlang grade has been broken in an easily reproduceable way since
> 2011 (will fix), and we've not heard a peep.
> That suggests there is no need to include erlang in any profile.

Fine by me.  (BTW it's broken in quite a few ways.)


>> Profile: full
>> Grades:
>>      - all the grades from the "base" profile
>>      - all the grades from the "debug" profile
>>      - all the grades from the "profile" profile
>>      - all the grades from the "trail" profile
> I suggest allowing multiple additive profiles to be specified.


> That will cut down the number of profile names, and not require the user
> to know the order of the words.
> The command line option might look like:
>    --enable-installation-profile=trail,profile,debug
> We could also accept aliases "debugging", "profiling", "trailing".



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