[m-dev.] Improving compilation time?

Magnus Holm judofyr at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 22:27:25 AEST 2011

I'm a complete noob when it comes to both the language and the
implementation of Mercury, but one thing is clear: Mercury desperately
needs to improve the compilation-time in order to be more
attractive/useful to other developers. It's just a painful experience
to compile it from source.

So many decisions, so many hours to re-compile it:

- What grades do I need?
- What's do I gain by re-compiling Mercury with a current installation?
- Should I first compile a Mercury with fewest possible grades, then
re-compile it with the useful grades?

I have no idea why it takes so long time to compile it, but there
certainly must be *something* we can do?

- Is there anything you could pre-compile and ship with the tar.gz?
- What about making it easier to install other grades after you've
installed Mercury? So you only install *one* first, but later add more
as you need them?

(Notice that I've deliberately ignored any "improvement of
compiler"-suggestions, because I have no idea how it could be improved

// Magnus Holm
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