[m-dev.] Uploaded Mac OS-X port; Windows port?

Douglas Auclair dauclair at msn.com
Thu Jan 23 16:47:03 AEDT 2003

Dear all,

I have uploaded the Mac OS-X port (version 0.11.0) and installation 
instructions to ftp.mercury.cs.mu.oz.au/pub/mercury/incoming.  Would 
somebody move those files to the binary distribution directory?

I tried building a Mercury port to cygwin on two different machines using 
two different cygwin versions.  Neither version succeeded (one cored when it 
tried to use the bootstrap compiler to compile the first library file, the 
other froze when it tried to execute some make command, like create a new 

I'm currently using 0.10.1 for cygwin.  It does the job, but it has some 
associated Windows annoyances, e.g.: it complains about 0xD as an 
unacceptable token (I use perl to strip the '\r' characters, but Xemacs puts 
them back in), and when printing to the shell,


AND, I needed to add and configure by hand all the shell tools one finds in 
other binary distributions (mmc, mmake, c2init, mgnuc, and ml).

Would you please publish a document for porters that show what is required 
for a binary distribution?  Would you please consider Windows support (the 
end-of-line problem should be an easy fix, and accepting '\r' as white-space 
is simple to add to a scanner) for the compiler and the runtime?

Doug Auclair

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