[m-dev.] release status

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Nov 12 22:48:20 AEDT 2002

It looks like the release is getting closer.
We are now passing (or should tonight pass) all the tests on all of the
Linux machines, except for a failure to install the deep profiler on venus;
passing all the tests on murlibobo (alphaev5-dec-osf5.1);
and passing all except one spurious failure on taifun (sparc-sun-solaris2.7).
I think the tests are in reasonable shape on Windows too, although I'll
have to spin off another test run on roy.

The tests on mundroo (i386-pc-solaris2.8) still have a number of failures:
                - the interpreter and vqueens tests in
                  fails in grade asm_fast.gc.tr: "segmentation violation".
                - the CLP(R) tests fail in grade asm_fast.gc.tr.debug,
                  with message "Killed",
                  after some warnings about "text relocation remains
                  against symbol"
                  Maybe due to problem with --pic-reg?
                - the tests in tests/debugger all fail,
                  and so do all the tests in debug grades,
                  due to libreadline.so not being found
                  (need to link with `-R/usr/local/lib',
                  or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH?)

I've had a go at getting DLL support for Windows working again,
but it looks like that will be a non-trivial task, so I think it
can wait for 0.11.1.  Mingw support is already a major improvement on 0.10.

That leaves the following tasks on my list:

	Bug fixes:
	- Fix the deep profiler installation problem [zs?]
	- Fix the three failures on mundroo mentioned above

	Test case fixes:
	- Fix the failing tests on Solaris/x86 (mundroo)
	- Fix or disable the tests causing a failure on taifun
	  (extras/trailed_update/samples is linked with --static,
	  which causes problems in debug grades on taifun due to
	  `-ldl' not being required for interactive queries,
	  but not being supported with static linking)

	- Test on Windows [fjh]
	- Test on MacOS [fjh]
	- Test the final source and binary distributions

	- Update web pages for new release [fjh]
	- Mention NaN issues in BUGS file
	- Document MSVC / Mingw installation issue with Cygwin vs Windows
	  path names
	- Update docs for .NET back-end (web page; also WORK_IN_PROGRESS?)

Volunteers welcome.

If there are any other release-critical tasks which are not on that
list, please let me know ASAP.

I think the tasks on Zoltan's list

	- printing I/O actions from the debugger [done??]
	- controlling retries across I/O [done]
	- making streams identifiable from the debugger [done??]
	- getting all test cases to pass in deep profiling grades with strict
	  invariant checking [done]

are all done, but I would appreciate clarification with regard to the
two marked "[done??]".
For Mark's list

        1) Compile the declarative debugger unconditionally and remove
        all references to MR_USE_DECL_DEBUG.  [done]

        2) Always print syntactically correct goals in the declarative
        debugger.  [done]

        3) Use list syntax when printing goals.  [done]

        4) Adjust the default size parameters.  [this won't really be
        required after task 3 is committed]

        5) When reporting an incorrect contour, print the contour.
	[XXX what is the status of this one?]

I think [1-3] are done, [4] is not needed, and [5] is not release-critical.
Please let me know if this is not correct.

I've also marked the following tasks on my original list as having been

	- fix copyright issue for "HEREBY ASSIGNED" files [done]
	- string unsafe foldl/r issue [done]
	- fix bug with configure not removing files if
		- grade=hlc.gc [done]
		- --enable-gcc-backend [done]
	- foreign language interface docs [done]
	- version number in RELEASE_NOTES [done]
	- test binary distribution
		- install in same directory [done]
		- install in different directory [done]

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