[m-dev.] cvs commit

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Wed Nov 10 16:03:04 AEDT 1999

> On 09-Nov-1999, Erwan Jahier <Erwan.Jahier at irisa.fr> wrote:
> > I am trying to commit the extras/opium_m stuff, but cvs complains that not all 
> > the files have copyright messages.


Tyson wrote:
> Your two best choices are:
> 	- Send one of us the files that have no copyright messages and
> 	  we will add them for you.
> 	- Login to a local machine here and do a cvs commit from
> 	  here (it can just ask you questions more easily there).
> If you really want it to work remotely, you need the program "xmessage"
> installed and you probably need to connect to the CVS server using ssh 
> and have X redirection through CVS on.

Yup.  hydra has `xmessage', mundook does not, for instance (last time I 
checked, anyway).  This method should work if ssh is used (via the `ext' 
access method) to connect to the CVS server on a machine with `xmessage' 
installed.  I don't know what happens if the `pserver' method is used 
instead --- perhaps what Erwan is seeing.

Erwan, if you can think of how to extend/improve the remote CVS support, 
please feel free to do so --- I just hacked it so it works for me, with my 
remote setup.  If it doesn't work for yours, but you can see how to fix it, 
please do so.  The script that does the checking and interaction is 
`check.pl' in `/home/mercury1/repository/CVSROOT' (I think checking out the 
`CVSROOT' module gets you what you want).


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