[m-dev.] For review: Split auto-generated dependencies

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Mon Jul 19 16:06:56 AEST 1999

I just realised that I hadn't updated the documentation in the user guide 
for the C2INITARGS changes.  Here's a diff addressing that lack, to be added 
to the previous diffs.


diff -u -r1.179 user_guide.texi
--- user_guide.texi     1999/07/08 04:56:34     1.179
+++ user_guide.texi     1999/07/19 05:59:11
@@ -517,8 +522,15 @@
 Options to pass to the c2init program.
-(Note that compilation model options should be
-specified in @code{GRADEFLAGS}, not in @code{C2INITFLAGS}.)
+(Note that compilation model options and extra files to be processed by
+c2init should not be specified in @code{C2INITFLAGS} - they should be
+specified in @code{GRADEFLAGS} and @code{C2INITARGS}, respectively.)
+ at end table
+Extra files to be processed by c2init.  These variables should not be
+used for specifying flags to c2init (that's what @code{C2INITFLAGS} is for)
+since they are also used to derive extra dependency information.
 @end table
 Other variables also exist - see
@@ -717,7 +729,7 @@
 @section Using libraries
 To use a library, you need to set the Mmake variables @samp{VPATH},
- at samp{MCFLAGS}, @samp{MLFLAGS}, @samp{MLLIBS}, and @samp{C2INITFLAGS}
+ at samp{MCFLAGS}, @samp{MLFLAGS}, @samp{MLLIBS}, and @samp{C2INITARGS}
 to specify the name and location of the library or libraries that you
 wish to use. If you are using @samp{--intermodule-optimization}, you
 may also need to set @samp{MGNUCFLAGS} if the library uses the C interface.
@@ -737,8 +749,8 @@
 MLLIBS = -lmypackage -lmyotherlib $(EXTRA_MLLIBS)
-C2INITFLAGS = $(MYPACKAGE_DIR)/mypackage.init \
-              $(MYOTHERLIB_DIR)/myotherlib.init
+C2INITARGS = $(MYPACKAGE_DIR)/mypackage.init \
+             $(MYOTHERLIB_DIR)/myotherlib.init
 # This line may be needed if @samp{--intermodule-optimization}
 # is in @samp{MCFLAGS}. @samp{-I} options should be added for any other
@@ -754,9 +766,11 @@
 options tell the linker where to find libraries.
 (Note that the @samp{-R} options must precede the @samp{-L} options.)
 The @samp{-l} options tell the linker which libraries to link with.
-The extra arguments to @samp{c2init} specified in the @samp{C2INITLFLAGS}
-variable tell @samp{c2init} where to find the @samp{.init} files for the
-libraries, so that it can generate appropriate initialization code.
+The extra arguments to @samp{c2init} specified in the @samp{C2INITARGS}
+variable tell @samp{c2init} where to find the @samp{.init} files for
+the libraries (so that it can generate appropriate initialization code)
+as well as telling Mmake that any @samp{_init.c} files generated depend
+on these files.
 The @samp{-I} options in @samp{MGNUCFLAGS} tell the C preprocessor where
 to find the header files for the libraries.

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