[m-dev.] [for review] changes to install_webpage

Bert Thompson aet at cs.mu.oz.au
Thu Apr 3 12:57:04 AEST 1997

|> Tyson,
|> Could you please review this change. Please also look at 
|> compiler/notes/Mmakefile. It wasn't possible to test the 
|> Mmakfile without first checking it in. 8^(
|> Bert
|It's a touch easier if you include a copy of compiler/notes/Mmakefile
|with your diff, for the record and for the reviewers ease.
|The Mmakefile looks fine, however, and so does the install_webpage.
|You actually can test the install_script and Mmakefile without checking
|in new versions. You need to
|	- change the DIR and INSTALL_DIR to some harmless temporary
|	  directory
|	- comment out the `rm -rf mercury' line
|	- run install_webpage
|	- copy your changes to this directory (eg
|	  	cp compiler/notes/Mmakefile $DIR/mercury/compiler/notes/
|		with the temporary $DIR)
|	- run install_webpage again

I tried this but hadn't noticed the `rm -rf mercury'.
Nuked part of my work area. 8^(

|The second run will do a `cvs co', but that will be an update, since the
|directory is still there (we commented out the rm), so your changes will
|be used, since updates keep any local changes.

This is somewhat convoluted, and there probably isn't a lot of incentive
to simplify it. Oh well...


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