[m-users.] Automatic GC selection for grades

Adrian Ho ml+prog-mercury at 03s.net
Fri Mar 6 16:18:22 AEDT 2020

Hi Julien!

On 6/3/20 12:31 pm, Julien Fischer wrote:
> The --java option is not a request for the Java grade, it just tells the
> compiler to use Java as its target language.  (As you have seen, other
> compilation model options also need to be set appropriately for it to
> work.)
> You should build programs in the Java grade by using:
>      $ mmc --grade java --make hello
> The --grade option will set all the appropriate compilation model
> options for you.  (The fact that README.Java doesn't say to do that
> is an error, which will fix shortly.)

OK, thanks much for the clarification!

Best Regards,

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