[m-users.] What's special about Mercury?

Dirk Ziegemeyer dirk at ziegemeyer.de
Mon Jun 24 03:23:59 AEST 2019

> Am 21.06.2019 um 03:26 schrieb jfondren at minimaltype.com:
> I'm writing a Mercury tutorial and thought I'd have a sales pitch early in it, since hello-world type code makes Mercury look bad. I'd appreciate any feedback you have on the following.

Hi Julian,

some of my favourite features of Mercury are:

Mercury is pure: it clearly separates side-effects from pure code, which helps me to design an algorithm.

The „clarity and expressiveness“ (according to it’s website) allows me to focus on the question to solve, leaving a lot of technical/procedural implementation details to the compiler/runtime.

Mercury’s website mentions „advanced static analysis and error detection features“. This is extremely valuable, because I don’t want to see my application crash at runtime. Something like partial functions in Haskell, which could lead to runtime errors, are detected by Mercury’s mode system. Mercury refuses to compile them.


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