[m-users.] installing Mercury on Ubuntu

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Tue Jun 23 06:36:13 AEST 2015


I trust this is the right list for this question and I hope someone can 
give me guidance.

I have installed Mercury on a computer running  Gentoo Linux.  This was 
not hard because Gentoo has prepared an install.  I also have an Ubuntu 
computer supplied by my company, and wish to install Mercury there also. I 
have not found a place to acquire a standard Ubuntu install (really a 
Debian, I guess) for Mercury.  I have acquired a source package, but in 
reading about installation bootstrapping was mentioned, and it appears 
that an existing Mercury installation is required in order to compile 
Mercury.  I see that the Mercury compiler has much Mercury code, so I 
suppose that is why an existing installation is required.

I looked on the net, but have not found information on how to proceed with 
installation on Ubuntu.  There may be a repository which has an install 
for Ubuntu, but I have not found it.  I would appreciate some help with 
this, if anyone can give me a clue.

I am running Ubuntu version Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS

Noel (Nick) Lockwood

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