[m-users.] Mercury 13.05 on Solaris

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Sat May 25 13:53:34 AEST 2013


I'm trying to build Mercury 13.05 on Solaris, and I've run into a few 
issues so far.

First issue: if you configure with AR=gar, it doesn't get passed down to 
boehm_gc/libatomicops, which tries to use regular ar and fails.

Second issue: during installation, it passes --host=i386-solaris-blah 
down to libatomicops, even though it isn't cross-compiling, and then 
fails to find gcc because it's looking for i386-...-gcc.

Third issue: during installation, mgnuc fails to find ../util/mfiltercc 
even though it is clearly there. I'm not sure why, yet.



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