[m-users.] Installing 13.05.1

Mark Green mgreen at brookes.ac.uk
Mon Jul 22 08:18:10 AEST 2013


I'm afraid I'm back with my installation woes :(

13.05.1 seems to build the Csharp grade fine on the same system as before,
but it has the same problem with building the erlang grade, in that it
tries to CD to a different directory and then call erlc with a path
including "." which makes the MSYS and Windows paths fall out of sync.

Might it be possible to replace the "." with something like `pwd` which
will still work on UNIX systems but may fix the problem on MSYS because the
MSYS shell will pass the full pathname to erlc rather than a relative path
that turns out to be relative to the wrong place?

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