[mercury-users] Problems building with Erlang grade

Snooty Monkey sean at snootymonkey.com
Sat May 26 23:08:57 AEST 2012

Now that I have a working Mac OS X 10.7 Mercury install with Java and Erlang grades (thanks Julien!) I'm attempting to verify things by building a simple hello world. When I try it for Erlang:

mmc --make --erlang hello

I get the following:

Making Mercury/int3s/hello.int3
Making Mercury/ints/hello.int
Making Mercury/erls/hello.erl
Making Mercury/beams/hello.beam
** Error making `hello'.
mkinit_erl: error opening file `/usr/local/mercury-11.07.1/lib/mercury/modules/none/mer_std.init': No such file or directory

It appears I don't have a none in modules:

ls /usr/local/mercury-11.07.1/lib/mercury/modules/
erlang hlc.gc.prof java none.gc.decldebug none.gc.trseg.debug
hlc.gc hlc.gc.trseg none.gc none.gc.prof none.par.gc
hlc.gc.memprof hlc.par.gc none.gc.debug none.gc.profdeep

This was the config I built with:

./configure --with-cc=clang --enable-erlang-grade --enable-java-grade

If anyone knows what is up, I'd be much obliged. Am I building wrong (I'm following README.Erlang)? Why don't I have a none? What would I have needed to build with to get one? If Erlang needs it, and I built with the Erlang grade, shouldn't a I get it?


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