[mercury-users] Re: Problem building on Mac OS X / Xcode 4 / clang

Sean Johnson sean at snootymonkey.com
Tue May 22 19:36:33 AEST 2012

Julien and all,

	Building without a parallel build did fix the problem with transform_hlds.ctgc.structure_reuse.indirect.int3 not being found. Do you know why that is?

	Without parallel, the make completed. The make install then failed with:

/Users/sean/build/mercury-compiler-11.07.1/install_grade_dir.hlc.par.gc/scripts/mgnuc --grade hlc.par.gc      --c-debug --no-ansi   --       -c mercury.c -o mercury.o
/Users/sean/build/mercury-compiler-11.07.1/install_grade_dir.hlc.par.gc/scripts/mgnuc --grade hlc.par.gc      --c-debug --no-ansi   --       -c mercury_accurate_gc.c -o mercury_accurate_gc.o
In file included from mercury_accurate_gc.c:42:
In file included from ./mercury_imp.h:62:
./mercury_engine.h:465:12: error: thread-local storage is unsupported for the current target
    extern __thread MercuryEngine *MR_thread_engine_base;
1 error generated.
make[2]: *** [mercury_accurate_gc.o] Error 1
To clean up from failed install, remove /Users/sean/build/mercury-compiler-11.07.1/install_grade_dir.hlc.par.gc
make[1]: *** [install_grades] Error 1
make: *** [install] Error 2

	The full history of the configure and build is here:


	As a reminder, I have a bootstrapped Mercury 11.07.1 built with:

./configure --with-cc=clang --disable-most-grades

	And now I'm trying to build a more complete Mercury with:

./configure --with-cc=clang --enable-erlang-grade --enable-java-grade

	Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated!


>> 	I can try it w/o parallel build if that's the suggestion.
> Yes, please do.
> Cheers,
> Julien.
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