[mercury-users] kai - eclipse plugin for Mercury development

Gabor Bakos aborgabor at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 06:26:29 AEST 2012


  Thank you for the previous support about the grammar. I hope it will
have nice results. :)
  As a preview, there is kai: kai.mercury.mind-era.com
<http://kai.mercury.mind-era.com>. I am quite curious about the
feedback, but I also know it is capable really little at the moment,
there are lot of things to do. (The grammar I was trying to implement is
not in this release yet.) I you want, you can give it a try. I hope it
can improve the development speed when you are targeting Java.
   If you have questions, suggestions, those are welcome. (I was trying
to compile some of the library files from the Mercury distribution, the
experiences summoned the Limitations part of the Documentation.)
Cheers, gabor
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