[mercury-users] Separate compilation for submodules.

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sun Jun 26 16:47:18 AEST 2011


On Sat, 25 Jun 2011, Guillaume Yziquel wrote:

> I've been struggling a bit with submodules, and would appreciate if you
> could provide a small working example of how to do the following:
> I want a module A, and a submodule A.B. I would like to compile
> interfaces with mmc --make-int and mmc --make-short-int.

I don't recommend trying to use those options directly when trying to
build (parts of) multi-module programs.  They exist mainly for the use
of mmake and mmc --make.  Using them directly is likely to result in
inconsistencies amongst the generated files, e.g. because you forgot to
update rebuild the interface files when something changes.

> After that, I would like to compile them to C. I do not wish to use
> mmc --make.

Why not?  It is the intended way of building multi-module Mercury programs.
(It can certainly do everything you want here.)

> I also want two separate files, a.m and a.b.m and I'd wish to use the
> :- include_module declaration.
> How can I do that cleanly? The module system is baffling me somewhat...

In file a.m:

     :- module a.
     :- interface.
     :- include_module b.
     :- type foo ---> foo.
     :- end_module a.

In file a.b.m:

     :- module a.b.
     :- interface.
     :- type bar ---> bar.
     :- end_module b.

To build the C source files and interface files for the above modules
we have three choices:

(1) Do it manually (NOT RECOMMENDED)
(2) Use mmake
(3) Use mmc --make

For (1), we invoke the compiler as follows:

    $ mmc --make-short-int a.m
    $ mmc --make-short-int a.b.m.
    $ mmc --make-priv-int a.m
    $ mmc --make-int a.m
    $ mmc --make-int a.b.m
    $ mmc -C a.m
    $ mmc -C a.b.m

For (2):

    $ mmake a.depend
    $ mmake a.int
    $ mmake a.b.int
    $ mmake a.c
    $ mmake a.b.c

For (3):

    $ mmc --make a.cs
    $ mmc --make a.int
    $ mmc --make a.b.int

mmc --make will place all generated intermediate files in a
subdirectory named "Mercury";  the C source files will be in the
subdirectory Mercury/cs and the interface files in the directory

(The .cs target for mmc --make tells it to build all the C source files
required in order to build the program a.)

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