[mercury-users] Making a Mercury shared library

Guillaume Yziquel guillaume.yziquel at citycable.ch
Sat Jun 4 23:24:53 AEST 2011

Le Friday 03 Jun 2011 à 13:58:10 (+1000), Julien Fischer a écrit :
> >What should I do to properly initialise the engine from foreign code?
> See the ``Stand-alone Interfaces'' section of the User's guide for
> details of how to do this.  There is an example in
> samples/c_interface/standalone_c.
> Julien.

Thank you so much. Just a small question as I have a heap compacting GC
that moves values around... argv is a char **.

Should the array remain at a specific location in memory after the call
to mercury_init() finishes? Or may OCaml's GC freely move this array
around in the OCaml heap?

And this is perhaps a more general question, but how careful should I be
when sharing values between OCaml and Mercury given the fact that
OCaml's GC may move values around in the heap?

Best regards,

     Guillaume Yziquel

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