[mercury-users] csharp top_level.exe [was: csharp grade error in mdb.browse.cs]

Jeff Thompson jeff at thefirst.org
Sun Dec 19 15:40:01 AEDT 2010

On 12/7/2010 5:07 PM, Peter Wang wrote:
> Now to Windows. I did change the PATH to put the Mercury bin
>> directory in front of the Windows system directory.  At the command
>> prompt, when I type "mmc" it invokes the compiler, but internally
>> top_level.exe is still invoking the Microsoft Management Console. I
>> don't know if this is some Windows Vista magic that can't be
>> overridden.
> I'm not sure why mmc is called at all.  When MERCURY_COMPILER is set, it
> should be invoked directly.  Perhaps, on Windows or .NET, the new
> process doesn't inherit the environment from the parent process.
> The MSDN documentation for System.Diagnostics.Process.Start is silent on
> this point.
> The conflict with Microsoft Management Console has been annoying for a
> long time.  I think we should provide an ambiguous synonym, e.g.
> mercury_mmc.

I tried to compile hello_world in Windows with the "mercury.bat" 
supplied with the distribution which I modified to use the .NET 
top_level.exe.  Some success. It seems to invoke the compiler, but it 
gives this error:

C:\mercury>mercury -v --csharp -m hello_world
** Error: error reading file `builtin.m' to generate dependencies.
** Module `builtin' is imported or included by module `hello_world'.
mercury_compile: cannot find source for module `builtin' in directories .

In Linux, how does mercury know where to find "builtin", etc. without 
needed to rebuild them?  If you want me to RTFC (read the code), which 
.m file is used to find the precompiled library modules?

- Jeff

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