[mercury-users] XML parsing, mexpat compilation error

François Degrave fde at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat Aug 21 20:49:16 AEST 2010

Dear all,

I'm trying to parse a XML file. I used to do that in the past using 
mexpat, an interface to expat xml parser written by Peter Ross. I tried 
to re-use that mexpat module I had, but this time it doesn't compile. 
Here is the error I get:

mgnuc --grade asm_fast.gc -- -c mexpat.c -o mexpat.o
mexpat.m:490: error: static declaration of ‘mexpat_windows1252_map’ 
follows non-static declaration
mexpat.m:410: note: previous declaration of ‘mexpat_windows1252_map’ was 
make: *** [mexpat.o] Error 1

Could you please help me with this one? Maybe there is a new version of 
mexpat I'm not aware of, but I can't manage to find it (or any version, 
in fact) on the web. The version of mexpat I have is attached.


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