[mercury-users] Mercury on OpenSolaris 2009.06 x86

Peter C. Chapin pcc482719 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 06:52:21 AEDT 2009

For fun I attempted to compile Mercury on OpenSolaris version 2009.06. My
host CPU is a 32 bit x86 device. Compilation of v0.13.1 seemed to go fine.
The resulting compiler can run at least trivial programs. I didn't try
anything "real" with it. Should I attempt to run the test suite?

Note that OpenSolaris 2009.06 comes with a gcc v3.4.3 package. Thus I did
not attempt to use gcc v4 (which I understand causes problems).

I also tried the ROTD v2009-10-10. That failed. Specifically the
./configure seemed to go fine but when I executed make there were problems
in the boehm_gc directory. It looks like make causes a configure to run in
that directory (is that normal?) and that "nested" configuration can't
locate basic programs like rm, mv, chmod, etc. I suppose there is some
problem with the PATH.

I don't need this fixed. I mostly did this just to pass the time one
evening. I thought I would pass my observations on.

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