[mercury-users] Minor det_univ_to_type bug

Nicholas Nethercote njn at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Aug 8 15:03:27 AEST 2008


If det_univ_to_type aborts, the message looks like this:

   dzn-basics: det_univ_to_type: conversion failed\n	Univ Type: univ.univ\n	Object Type: fd.fdvar

The relevant code is in univ.m:

det_univ_to_type(Univ, X) :-
     ( type_to_univ(X0, Univ) ->
         X = X0
         UnivTypeName = type_name(univ_type(Univ)),
         ObjectTypeName = type_name(type_of(X)),
         string.append_list(["det_univ_to_type: conversion failed\\n",
             "\tUniv Type: ", UnivTypeName,
             "\\n\tObject Type: ", ObjectTypeName], ErrorString),

For some reason the newlines have a double-backslash at the front, they 
should only have a single backslash.

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