[mercury-users] On Warnings!!!

Grizzly(Francis Smit) grizzly at smit.id.au
Thu Sep 6 16:37:06 AEST 2007

Roy Ward wrote:
> Julien Fischer wrote:
>>> I'm guessing there's a gcc compiler switch somewhere that would get 
>>> rid of those.
>> I had a look a while back but couldn't find anything; maybe there's now
>> something in gcc 4.2?
> I'm still planning to package Mercury for Debian, so I'll have a good look when I get a chance to get back into that (it 
> will be politically much easier to submit a package that doesn't produce warnings), and let you know.
There's already a Mercury package in ubuntu surely that would make it's
way up stream to Debian

  In my life God comes first.... but Linux is pretty high after that :-D
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