[mercury-users] Make your new career! with us !from 950$ Per Week. (from 3000$/week for business staff)ddzgS

POWELL Lily mark at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Aug 27 13:39:17 AEST 2007


Inter-Trans payment$ (http://www.intertrans-p.com) is recruitting for part-time positions.          

Your duties will include providing e-commerce services for the company.      

It doesn't matter what y0u currently do for a living - whether you

are an accountant, a truck driver, a lawyer, a secretary,      a housewife

or a builder -    if you fit the following requirements you are welcome to

be a member of 0ur team!        

Sales(payment processing) support for our company        


          All our available positions are h0me based.      

 Minimum 8 hours/week c0mmitment required
 Be your own manager - set your own hours.         

0ur requirements include:

-Ability to foll0w directions
-Good responsibility to company requests

-Proved ability to work independently

-Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows      

- Fluent English;        

- Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail 

box at least twice a day;         

- Adults only accepted        (we cannot hire underage people); 

- 1-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening /   non-business hours) for communication and 2-4 hours a week more for transfer processing

-N0 criminal rec0rds(your background will be verified)        

-Banking account in one of local banks(You can open a new 0ne(zero-balanced) to work with the company;        

 -Uphold a high level 0f integrity and ethics.


 $700 Bonus after 50-days of employment.If you work minimum of 10h per

 Direct ongoing supervision from trainers and supervisors      .
 By providing customer support for our growing sales you will be able to
 make extra money!      

 People who have experience in vari0us professional fields are earning
 $1000-$3000 EXTRA per month working only 10-20 hrs/wk around their current

 The earnings showed are valid for the individuals described and are not a
 guarantee of your revenue. Each candidate's success will be determined by
 his or her aspiration, devotion, eff0rt,      ability to follow instructions and
 individual talent      .

 We are looking for a group of people looking for a change and who are
 prepared to do what it takes in order to succeed on their job.       
 If you've got people skills and the willingness and dedication to
 learn, we are definitely interested in hiring you     !
 All sales support specialist work from home based virtual offices, thus
 any location is suitable as long as there is an internet connection.    
      No cubicles, no commutes, no office politics, and no 9-5 hours here.      
 You'll be able to work from home according to your schedule and your

 Work when you like it!

 Part time or full time positions are available    

 - Career Advancement Opportunities     
 - Highest commission and compensation rates in the Industry         

 - Access to support, 24/7 by email,       web or by phone      

     NO Financial contribution required in order to start working with us. We
 offer real job from home, not business opportunity!     

To get A FREE INFORMATION PACKAGE About this exciting position please visit our main site:


we will contact you ASAP (24-48 hours after we receive your registration form on our site) by e-mail or by phone to provide you more information.        

Registration(also available on our main site):

 Make a change to your life!       66


 Lily    POWELL    wVRCalNz


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