[mercury-users] gcc-3.3 on MacOS X Intel

Tom Davies tgdavies at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 14:11:33 AEST 2007

On 18/08/2007, at 1:35 PM, Jonathan Morgan wrote:

> On 8/18/07, Michael Day <mikeday at yeslogic.com> wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>>> I compiled mercury-compiler-rotd-2007-07-27 with gcc 4.0.1 on OS X
>>> 10.4.10, Intel by adding EXTRA_CFLAGS=-O0 to Mmake.params. There  
>>> is a
>>> package for Mercury 0.13.1 in MacPorts (http://www.macports.org)  
>>> but I
>>> haven't tried to install it.
>> Does this mean that -O0 will be applied to programs compiled with the
>> Mercury compiler as well as the Mercury compiler itself? That sounds
>> like it could have scary performance implications.
> From memory, Mmake.params applies to the compiler, but not to programs
> compiled with the compiler.  Also note that this is C's O0.
> Presumably Mercury can still use any optimisation level it likes.  I
> would imagine that C's optimisations would not have as much effect on
> the final performance as Mercury's optimisations, but I'm not really
> sure.

I'm pretty sure you're right -- I don't know any details of Mercury's  
implementation but I imagine the biggest performance hit will be for  
code which uses Mercury's runtime libraries, which I think will have  
been compiled -O0.

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