[mercury-users] Shared memory?

Ondrej Bojar obo at cuni.cz
Fri May 5 02:24:24 AEST 2006


I found a question of Peter Ross from last October concerning shared 
but I was not able to find any complete answer on the mailing list.

My question is very general: Is it possible to pass some big data to a 
different mercury process without serializing and deserializing it? A 
solution would be to allocate a big-enough block of shared memory and 
copy the data there. Peter Ross mentions MR_deep_copy function but he 
misses a function to tell him the space needed for the copy. (I'm in a 
worse situation, because I'm really sure if I could use MR_deep_copy 

Is there any progress in this? Or are there simpler ways to share large 
mercury data structures among processes?

Thanks, Ondrej.

Ondrej Bojar (mailto:obo at cuni.cz)
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