[mercury-users] Threads in 0.13.0-beta-2006-05-01 much better but still useless

Ondrej Bojar obo at cuni.cz
Thu May 4 10:03:43 AEST 2006


Like Michael Day, I also want to report some good experience with a 
recent release (0.13.0-beta-2006-05-01 in my case) with respect to 
parallel processing (see my mail 'Threads severely hurt performance' 
last month).

The same benchmark (scaled up using a different seed constant) now 
documents that: sequential and 4-way parallel processing on a 4CPU 
machine take nearly exactly the same real time, which is a big 
improvement. The consumed CPU time is about 2/3 higher in the threaded 

In total, the advantage of threads still remains completely wasted but 
(given the machine is free) threads do not hurt the real-time 
performance any more.

real    1m30.535s
user    1m30.497s
sys     0m0.008s

real    1m31.934s
user    1m59.443s
sys     0m26.505s

Thanks for the effort!

Ondrej Bojar (mailto:obo at cuni.cz)
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