[mercury-users] Solver types example

Nicolas Pelletier nicolas.pelletier3 at free.fr
Tue Jun 13 04:35:21 AEST 2006


I am a new fellow mercury user  currently learning the language. As an
exercise to check my understanding of  some aspects of the language, I
am using the classical problem: place N queens  on an NxN chess board.
Today I tried  writing a program to  find all solutions to the problem
using solver types and got stuck.  I understand solver types are still
marked as an  experimental feature (I am using  mercury 0.12.2), so my
attempt  at using them might be  too bold; I  would however be glad if
someone could point  me to some  code demonstrating their use, or just
tell me to wait for them to mature and concentrate on other features.

Thank you in advance,

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