[mercury-users] (Newbie) translating this from Prolog?

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Mar 21 05:09:29 AEDT 2004

On 20-Mar-2004, Maurizio Colucci <seguso.forever at tin.it> wrote:
> I am studying mercury for evaluation in an AI program.
> Could you please help me translate this predicate from prolog?
> % List::input
> holds(List):-
>    forall(member(M, List),
>           call(M)).

Do the predicates in the list have side effects?
If not, this can be translated as

	:- pred holds(list(pred)).
	:- mode holds(in(list_skel(pred is semidet))) is semidet.

	holds(List) :-
		all [M] (member(M, List) => call(M)).

If they have side effects, but can't fail, then it could be translated to

	:- pred holds(list(pred(io__state, io__state), io__state, io__state).
	:- mode holds(in(list_skel(pred(di,uo) is det))) is det.

	holds([]) --> [].
	holds([M|Ms]) --> call(M), holds(Ms).

If the predicates in the list have side effects but can fail,
then you'd probably need to rewrite them so that they return a
value of type bool or maybe(T) rather than failing.

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