[mercury-users] Compiling Mercury 0.11.0 under Windows XP using Visual C++ 7.0

Alexsandro Soares a_s_soares at yahoo.com.br
Sun Dec 19 22:46:13 AEDT 2004

Hi Peter

I´m using the latest snapshot of Mercury. Now, the
Visual C++ compiler can't find the file
"sys/resource.h". In fact, I checked the sys directory
and that file doesn't exist. Any help?


---- make_all.log ------------------------------------
cd runtime && PATH=../scripts:../util:$PATH
MMAKE_VPATH=. MMAKE_DIR=../scripts ../scripts/mmake 
make[2]: Entering directory
../scripts/mgnuc --grade none.gc     
--no-mercury-stdlib-dir --c-debug --no-ansi   -- 
-I../boehm_gc -I../boehm_gc/include -I../mps_gc/code 
-c mercury_wrapper.c /Fomercury_wrapper.obj
mercury_wrapper.c(41) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open
include file: 'sys/resource.h': No such file or

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