[mercury-users] Little problem

Sergio Rafael Trindade Marques l16447 at alunos.uevora.pt
Thu Apr 22 03:40:44 AEST 2004

I have a little problem:
How can i say that a read_term is a "call to a predicate" or a 
"definition of a predicade with goals"?

I have the following code:

/(1) :-abcd(X,X,a,c).

(2) dcba(a,X):-

/and the read_term of mercury have made the following:

/term(varset(var_supply(1), two(var(1), "X", empty, empty), empty), 
functor(atom(":-"), [functor(atom("abcd"), [variable(var(1)), 
variable(var(1)), functor(atom("a"), [], context("t4.txt", 1)), 
functor(atom("c"), [], context("t4.txt", 1))], context("t4.txt", 1))], 
context("t4.txt", 1)))
term(varset(var_supply(2), three(var(1), "X", var(2), "A", empty, empty, 
empty), empty), functor(atom(":-"), [functor(atom("dcba"), 
[functor(atom("a"), [], context("t4.txt", 4)), variable(var(1))], 
context("t4.txt", 4)), functor(atom("acer"), [functor(atom("x"), [], 
context("t4.txt", 5)), variable(var(2)), variable(var(1))], 
context("t4.txt", 5))], context("t4.txt", 4)))/

Does anyone know how to distinguise (1) from (2)?

Sorry for the (possible bad) english....

Sergio Marques

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