[mercury-users] Problem compiling sample sources on Mac OS X

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon May 19 22:13:33 AEST 2003

On 19-May-2003, Thomas Sindt <tsindt at tzi.de> wrote:
> I am new on development with mercury. I have downloaded the actual 
> (0.11.0) binary distribution of mercury for the Mac OS X Operating 
> System.
> After installing the binary under /usr/local/mercury-0.11.0 I 
> have following problem compiling the sample sources:
> For example I have tried to compile "mmc hello" and I've got this 
> message:
> [Thomas-Sindts-Computer:Diss/Software/mercury] tsindt% mmc hello
> /usr/local/mercury-0.11.0/lib/mercury/inc/mercury_dlist.h:72: macro or 
> #include recursion too deep

Which version of Mac OS X?

(It matters.  More recent versions of Mac OS have a different
version of gcc whose behaviour is different and which breaks
the Mercury distribution in exactly the way that you describe,
due to non-backward-compatible changes to gcc made by Apple.
For the full details, see <http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/research/mercury/mailing-lists/mercury-users/mercury-users.0301/0031.html>.)

But in any case, this problem is fixed in Mercury versions
0.11.1-beta-2003-01-28 or later and also in rotd-2003-01-28 or later.

You may also be able to manually fix your already-installed version
by changing "-traditional-cpp" to "-no-smart-cpp" (in the `mgnuc'
script, and perhaps the `mmc' script, and maybe elsewhere too).

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