[mercury-users] Abstraction barrier

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Tue May 13 17:23:10 AEST 2003

> One thing you might be able to do is give the `magic_data' argument a
> mode of `ui'.  This ensures that that argument will be a unique
> reference to the data after foo/3 exits.

Right, I just tried that. The limitations are not a problem, as it is a
foreign type, but I ran into a problem because one of the accessor
functions returns a component of the structure that must also stay unique,
and there is no way to enforce that.

The solution seems to be to change that accessor into a with_foo style
predicate that passes in the sub-component also with a ui mode.  
Incidentally, the issues with ui can often be worked around using di,uo
pairs, even when ui would be more appropriate, but that brings up a new
range of problems.

> If a string can go out of scope unexpectedly then you probably should
> make a copy of it on the Mercury heap.

Yes :)


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