[mercury-users] little problem

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jul 3 19:29:45 AEST 2003

Hi Pieter,

the problem you're experiencing arises when you attempt to link
object files compiled in different grades (a compilation grade is a set
of options dictating what the Mercury compiler back-end will emit -
different grades are incompatible.)

My guess would be that you have changed grades, but not done "mmake
clean" or even "mmake realclean" (this is necessary after changing
compilation grades.)  If you still find yourself having trouble, you
could delete the Mercury directory (if present) in your workspace, then
recreate it, then try rebuilding (if you have a Mercury directory in
your workspace then the Mercury build tools will hide intermediate files
in it; this may be where your link problem is coming from.)

Another possiblity is that you've changed the set of modules that are
imported by one of your modules and not done "mmake psql.depend", so the
Mercury tools have an out-of-date notion of which modules import which
other modules, which could result in link problems.

Let us know if this works,
-- Ralph
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