[mercury-users] Getting all facts of a predicate [was: Still compiling ...]

Douglas Auclair dauclair at msn.com
Sun Feb 23 13:07:10 AEDT 2003

Dear all,

Hi!  I've got a group of ~6000 facts, "indexed" on an int (the pred has the 
type pred(int::in, composite::out) is semidet where composite contains two 
types of int, string and float, string, float).  The int index ranges from 
1000 to 50000 with the density near each 1000 mark, and the concentration is 
mostly in the first 25000 (i.e. from 1000-25000), the range from 26000-50000 
contains less than 10 entries.

The primary aim of the fact table is to retreive one composite on one int 
request, and that works fine.  However, sometimes I wish to have access to 
the entire data set of (some parts of) the composites.  My problem here is 
that when I try to represent the facts as a list, in any form, the compiler 
bogs down unacceptably (i.e. it takes hours to compile a list module).

Is there some way in Mercury to get all the facts of a predicate at once 
without relying on list operations to mine the data (perhaps using 

Doug Auclair

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