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Job Description

6 Month Contract Position for C++/ML programmer at Microsoft Research,

Primary aim: Delivering Generics in the "Rotor" .NET Common Language


Microsoft Research, Cambridge have a vacancy for a 6 month contract
position to assist with out ongoing research project to implement
support for parametric polymorphism (templates/generics) in Microsoft's
new programming language C# and the .NET Common Language Runtime.
Andrew Kennedy and Don Syme have published a paper on this at PLDI 2001
describing the basic design.  


Microsoft has release a shared source version of the .NET CLR, called
"Rotor" or the "Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure" (SSCLI),
initially available for FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows.  We are
interested in seeing a public release of our generics work implemented
within the Rotor code base.  As such, we are looking to hire a skilled
programmer to work with us on a contract basis for 6 months or so.  The
first 3 months would be spent preparing a release of generics for Rotor,
and the remaining time would be spent working in collaboration with the
Rotor team and users to ensure stability.  If time permits we would also
investigate performance and design improvements.  We may also ask the
person to work on some of our related projects, in particular two .NET
compilers for ML languages, one of which features excellent .NET
language interoperability, and the other of which targets the our
generics design and can be used for performance testing.


The job will require the candidate to show real enthusiasm for the end
product (the world's first shared source implementation of parametric
polymorphism in an object-based runtime) and good C/C++ coding skills.
Experience with native code compiler implementation, Rotor, ML and/or
virtual machine implementation would be highly regarded. Most
importantly it will also be necessary to have the patience required to
deal with real-world software development, and of course all the
attention to detail that is needed to produce a software release!


For more information contact Dr Don Syme (dsyme at microsoft.com), or
submit your CV to t-frajos at microsoft.com .  See also
http://research.microsoft.com <http://research.microsoft.com/>  for
general information about Microsoft Research.



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