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Dave Slutzkin dave_slutzkin at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 21:23:59 AEST 2002

 --- Mark Brown <dougl at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:
> I agree with Ralph about destroying the declarative semantics.  I have
> some further remarks to add:


Yeah, having thought about this for a while I had sort of come to this
conclusion myself.

The problem is that I am writing a semi-compiler (it takes things that look a
bit like mercury clauses and turns them directly into mercury clauses).  But
I'm adding a little to the semantics - basically, each predicate returns a
set of solution-value pairs, where the value gives an indication of how good
the solution is.  So a top-level call should find all possible solutions to a
predicate (along with values) while a lower-level call will already have a
list of solutions that it should then prune further.

So, obviously, because a top-level call is different, I should be able to
utilise the extra argument that you suggested to differentiate between the
two different meanings in the call.

I think I see the light...


Dave Slutzkin.

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