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Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Oct 8 10:53:18 AEST 2001

On 03-Oct-2001, Vic Bancroft <bancroft at zvolve.net> wrote:
> While attempting to build mercury under a recent vintage AIX 4.3.3, I
> made the following changes to scripts/rs6000_hack :

Did you follow the earlier steps listed in README.AIX first?
In particular, did you go through the normal install process
and get an error message from the assembler?
(i.e. did you confirm that the fixed limits that were present in
earlier versions of AIX are still a problem?)

> What else might I need to add to rs6000_hack ???

rs6000_hack was, as the name suggests, always a bit of a hack.
Although it would no doubt be possible to get it working again,
there's now another approach possible which is likely to cause less
maintenance difficulty in the future: use the `hlc.gc' grade.
This grade results in C code which is a lot more similar to the kind of
C code that C programmers write, which is hence much less likely to
exceed fixed limits in the C compiler and/or OS.
I think this would be a better approach.

To get that to work, you'd need to generate hlc.gc versions of the C
files for the Mercury compiler sources, e.g. by cross-compiling
them on a different system.  That might take a bit of fiddling about
to get it all to work, so it would probably be easiest if we just ship a
version of our source distribution that includes the hlc.gc versions
of the generated C files.  I'll be happy to set things up to do that
sometime later this week.

(This hlc.gc version of the source distribution might also be
helpful for those porting to MacOS or other systems.)

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