[mercury-users] New User: Debug prints from Mercury? Printing "free" variables?

Ondrej Bojar oboj7042 at ss1000.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Mon May 7 20:06:48 AEST 2001


(I found Mercury two weeks ago, and I found it a must-have programming
language! But... :-)

I know Prolog quite well, but I'm not quite familiar with the way that
Mercury handles io. The hardest problem for me is to make debug prints.

I am used to do debug using debug prints -- print anywhere anything and
check, if it is what I wanted. I guess this is quite tricky with the
"single nonbacktracking thread of state_of_the_world variables"...

Is there another good way of debugging.

Moreover, I would like to be able to print out "free" variables -- in a
similar way to Prolog ( _1234 for an unnamed variable). Again, I guess,
there is no way to do it, as  read somewhere in the manual, that Mercury
actually never has a variable uninstatiated...

Thanks for any cues,

P.S.: Actually, I want to implement simple PATR in Mercury, unification
and parsing with feature structures in order to understand natural
languages. If anyone here is familiar with this please tell me any
relevant links. Is anything of the kind (more than eliza) implemented in

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