[mercury-users] mercury's messiness

David Glen JEFFERY dgj at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Nov 22 14:13:56 AEDT 2000

On 22-Nov-2000, Mattias Waldau <mattias.waldau at abc.se> wrote:
> tried creating a subdirectory called 'Mercury', didn't work
> /c$ cd data
> data$ cd mercury
> mercury$ nmake genetic_test.
> bash: nmake: command not found
> mercury$ nmake genetic_test.m
> bash: nmake: command not found
> mercury$ mmake genetic_test.m
> make: Nothing to be done for `genetic_test.m'.
> mercury$ rm genetic_test.exe
> mercury$ mmake genetic_test.m
> make: Nothing to be done for `genetic_test.m'.
> mercury$ mmc genetic_test.m
> mercury$ mmc --version
> mercury_compile: unrecognized option `--version'
> Mercury Compiler, version rotd-2000-09-01, configured for i386-pc-cygwin32
> Copyright (C) 1993-2000 The University of Melbourne
> Usage: mmc [<options>] <arguments>
> Use `mmc --help' for more information.
> mercury$ ls
> CVS                  genetic_test.m       hello_world.m
> Mercury              genetic_test.o       tableplan1.exe
> genetic_test.c       genetic_test_init.c  tableplan1.m
> genetic_test.d       genetic_test_init.o
> genetic_test.exe     hello_world.exe
> mercury$

If you want to invoke mmc directly, use the `--use-subdirs' option. ie.

	mmc --use-subdirs genetic_test.m

mmc does not look for a `Mercury' directory itself --- mmake does that and
passes it the `--use-subdirs' option for you if appropriate.

If you want to use `mmake', then you need to be trying to build the correct

	mmake genetic_test.depend
	mmake genetic_test

The problem was that you were trying to run mmake with the target
`genetic_test.m' which, as it tells you, is already up to date (it is, after
all, the source file).

There is an overview of using mmake in the Mercury User's Guide:
(or probably installed somewhere locally on your system).

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