[mercury-users] Questions

Ralph Becket rbeck at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 24 21:42:01 AEDT 2000

> From: Robert Ernst Johann JESCHOFNIK 
> I would chose Mercury over Prolog any day if a logic 
> programming language was required.

I'm not sure I'd go this far yet - Mercury doesn't yet have an
efficient logical variable data type supporting full unification.
I've knocked up a library that does this, but it's still more
hassle to use than plain old Prolog.  So, on that score, I'd say
Prolog was better for prototyping solutions requiring full

> An IDE would be cool, as long as it was actually usable and added
> something to your programming environment more than just a 
> few colours and
> buttons. I also have similar concerns to Ralph here - if I go and edit
> something outside the IDE, it must be able to cope with that.

As I said, I can't see anyone putting enough effort into an GUI IDE that
would make me want to use it - I'm happy as I am.

One place, however, where a GUI suits me very well is with debuggers.
I'd really like to see something in the style of DDD for mdb.

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