[mercury-users] Questions

Gustavo A. Ospina gos at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Mar 24 01:23:19 AEDT 2000


If you have some time, please respond these questions. It will permit me to 
evaluate the real needs of tools for supporting the construction of 
programs in Mercury.

If someone is working on the same topic, I would like to discuss about.

Sorry if because of my english some questions seems ambiguous.

Thank you very much,

+ Gustavo.

1. What kind of problems, in your opinion, are more suitable to be solved 
with Mercury (wrt Prolog and others Functional and Logic Programming 

2. Please describe what tools you use for developing software systems in 
Mercury, for each step below:
   - Design
   - Specification
   - Construction
   - Program Analysis
   - Maintenance

3. What kind of specifications you use?
   * Formal
   * Semiformal
   * Informal
   * I don't use, My program is a specification
   * Another (?)

4. Do you use some program verification method when you build your program?
   * I don't use, I trust in my program (logic, isn't it?)
   * I don't use, I debug when I have problems
   * I use, but rarely
   * I use frequently

5. What helps do you use to write your programs? This is not exclusive, so 
you can mark two or more. If you can explain a little, so much better.
   * A good text editor (vi, emacs)
   * Use of programming patterns
   * Use of codification standards
   * Use of programming methodology (which?)
   * Another (?)

6. What degree of interaction you would like to see in a tool for Mercury 
program development?
   * High (GUI integrating several tools and supporting all programming tasks)
   * Medium (e.g. Emacs mode with support to some programming tasks and 
independent automatic tools)
   * Low (Simple text editor and independent automatic tools)

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