[mercury-users] declarative kernels

Thomas Conway conway at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Mar 8 21:58:33 AEDT 2000

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 09:33:21PM EST, Gustavo A. Ospina wrote:
> >In my interpretation io__write is implemented as
> >
> >         io__write(X, State0, State) :-
> >                 io__delay(State0, State1),
> >                 io__really_write(State1, State2),
> >                 io__delay(State2, State).
> >
> >and the effect of other programs modifying the world state between the
> >two calls to io__write does not mean that IO1 has two different
> >values at different times, it just means that inside the second
> >call to io__write, the value of State0 is not the same as State1.
> Ok, it's clearer for me now. This means the "precise instant" where the 
> state is passed between the two io__write in my example is "atomic", there 
> are not change of state in the transition.
> io__delay can be seen like a relation between two "pictures" of the outside 
> world, taken in two different times. What is required is the picture of the 
> world that is passed in the transition between two IO operations should be 
> the same.
> Spawn threads would be an operation where the current picture of the world 
> is given to the new threads. It can seem a duplication of the world, but 
> it's not the case (just the pictures are duplicated). A model of 
> concurrency with this model of IO should just assure that the global 
> picture in the world is effectively passed between two IO operations, for 
> every thread (there are a serialization, way the IO interactions).
> In the model of io__state as list of interactions, it seems to me that the 
> io__state is effectively duplicated when spawn threads, but i'm not totally 
> sure.
> BTW, I can't find references for 'spawn' when searching the mailing list.

If you look in the Feb 2000 section of the *developers* mailing list
at the bottom you'll see a thread titled
	[m-dev.] for review - new stuff for the extras directory.
That's the thread you want.

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