[mercury-users] Syntactic sugar for higher order types and mo des

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at atlas.otago.ac.nz
Wed Jul 26 12:46:46 AEST 2000

Tyson Dowd suggests changing the mode operator ->

	For backwards compatibility we could accept :: and -> for a while, but
	if using == some other operator should be used.  Wouldn't `-' work OK?
	:- mode foo == free - ground.
	:- mode foopair == (free - ground) - (ground - ground).
'-' really doesn't suggest sequence; if anything I'd expect Later-Earlier.
One possibility is to use a word:
	:- mode foo == free then ground.
	:- mode foopair == (free then ground) - (ground then ground).
Another possibliity is to use >>
	:- mode foo == free>>ground.
	:- mode foopair == free>>ground - ground>>ground.

Whatever is chosen, I think it should suggest by its name or its form
which state is "before" and which is "after".
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