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   First International Conference on Computational Logic, CL2000
                   Imperial College, London, UK 
                      24th to 28th July, 2000 
                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

CL2000 is the first conference in a major new series of annual
international conferences bringing together various communities
of researchers who have a common interest in Computational Logic,  
where Computational Logic is to be understood broadly as the use of
logic in Computer Science. 

The conference programme features 8 invited papers, 
86 accepted papers, 12 tutorials and 7 in-line workshops.

Further information is available at the conference web site:


where you can also register for the conference, and make
hotel reservations.

Note that hotel accommodation in London at the time of the 
conference will be in very heavy demand because of several 
large international conferences and trade fairs taking place 
at the same time. Participants are strongly advised to make 
their hotel reservations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

CL2000 is collocating with the following conferences: 

DOOD2000: 6th Int'l Conference on Rules and Objects in Databases 
ILP2000: 10th Int'l Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming 
LOPSTR2000: 10th Int'l Workshop on Logic-based Program Synthesis 
            and Transformation 

CL2000 includes seven streams covering various subfields of
computational logic, each with its own separate Program Committee: 

   - Database Systems (DOOD2000)      
   - Program Development (LOPSTR2000)            
   - Knowledge Representation and Non-monotonic Reasoning       
   - Automated Deduction: Putting Theory into Practice   
   - Constraints        
   - Logic Programming: Theory and Extensions       
   - Logic Programming: Implementations and Applications 
ILP2000 will be collocating as a separate conference.
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