[mercury-users] random.m: little warning

Thomas Charles CONWAY conway at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Oct 16 09:31:55 AEST 1998

Richard A. O'Keefe, you write:
> 	Martin Stein <ms40 at inf.tu-dresden.de> wrote:
> 	> Anyway, are you interested in a hopefully better generator?
> 	Fergus	Henderson wrote
> 	Yes, certainly.
> I've sent Fergus a copy of MT19937, the "Mersenne Twister" of Matsumoto
> & Nishimura, described in ACM Tr.MCS Jan 1998.  It looks pretty good.
> However, the code is in C.
> It would actually be useful to have several pseudo-random generators in
> the Mercury library; switching from one to another _may_ reveal a flaw.

This is where ML's module system would be really good, though we can
simulate the behaviour with type classes. It'd be good to define a
standard interface and support multiple implementations.

Thomas Conway <conway at cs.mu.oz.au>
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