[mercury-users] Debugging Mercury Programs

Lee Naish lee at cs.mu.oz.au
Wed Oct 22 10:29:42 AEST 1997

>> While I'm on the subject, is anybody working on a Mercury level debugger?
>Yes.  There are in fact two independent efforts in this direction.
>The Mercury compiler can generate a high-level bytecode rather than C.
>Bert Thompson <aet at cs.mu.oz.au> is working on writing an
>interpreter and Mercury-level debugger for this bytecode.
>>From what I have heard, Mireille Ducasse and her student Erwan Jahier
>are planning to write an "opium"-style trace-based debugger.

We are working towards a declarative debugger for Mercury also - thats
one of the ultimate aims of Bert's work.


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