[mercury-users] Mercury for Win32 under Visual C? Was: Re: Mercury for Mac ?

Tyson Richard DOWD trd at cs.mu.oz.au
Sat Nov 8 23:59:07 AEDT 1997

Alexander Voinov wrote:
> As I conclude seeing the mailing list, 
> for the current stage of language development it
> is not very appropriate to complicate things with ports to Mac, Win32 etc.
> I understand and agree. Unix is quite enough to make the language itself stable.

If you mean, a native port, where we try to do things using native
compilers, then I agree. At the moment it's not really worth it.
But we'd like to support those platforms if they have a UNIX-like
development environment, and it is good to get feedback on how we
can better tune our environment to interoperate with the native

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