[mercury-users] Loop optimisation and predicate specialisation and stuff.

Warwick HARVEY warwick at cs.mu.oz.au
Tue Dec 23 23:46:39 AEDT 1997

Fergus Henderson <fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU> writes:
> Also, if the loop had used an if-then-else rather than a switch,
> then the optimization would not be allowed (the reference manual
> is a bit vague on this point, but our intent has always been that
> an implementation must evaluate the condition of an if-then-elses
> before evaluating the `then' or the `else' branches).

Indeed.  I'd be rather put out if a predicate from the `else' branch aborted
when the condition I was testing for held...

Reminds me of one of the "optimisations" CLP(R) used to do.  I had an
if-then-else test to see whether Y was zero, and in the else clause had the
expression Z = X / Y.  This got rearranged to X = Y * Z and moved before the
test.  The result was that if Y was zero, CLP(R) deduced that X was zero,
and the predicate failed mysteriously.  Argh!


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