[m-rev.] for preliminary review: bug 493 & 532 alterative fix

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Mon May 17 14:40:41 AEST 2021

2021-05-17 14:17 GMT+10:00 "Peter Wang" <novalazy at gmail.com>:
> It is possible to reproduce the duplicate row without that change
> by DISABLING loop invariant hoisting, e.g. -O5 --no-loop-invariants,
> so that mark_static_terms is not run before common.m.
> What happens is that row 4 and row 5 have identical constants that are
> cast to different types, which makes no difference in the C output.
> This is the call to cord.snoc in ml_gen_scalar_static_defn:

Thanks for all that detective work. I will look into what we can do
to fix this problem.


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